Pancakes and Booze Art Show

Wassup Bougie-Boos In the dead of winter there's usually not much to do to get us out the house in Pittsburgh. Clubs and bars get tiring after a couple weeks and its way too cold for anything else. Luckily we have some creative people who love to throw together events to keep us from going insanely … Continue reading Pancakes and Booze Art Show


Sweet Tooth Mecca: The Sugar Factory

Hey Bougie-Boos,   I know we have been a little MIA for a while but we're back, we promise. You guys are gonna love the things we've stumbled upon while we we're on our small hiatus. One of which I (Cedar) stumbled upon in Chicago and revisited in Las Vegas is the Sugar Factory. You guys probably have … Continue reading Sweet Tooth Mecca: The Sugar Factory