What is Bougie?

What is Bougie?

“Being bougie is holding yourself at a higher standard because you want the best for yourself. It doesn’t start when you come into better life circumstances such as money, but it’s a lifestyle you’ve lived from the beginning no matter the circumstances”

– Cedar and Jaz

So what is bougie ask? Well let us tell you all about it? Well we’ve mentioned a little bit about the bougie term on our about page, but we wanted to expand a little more so you can see and understand our whole movement and lifestyle. In our own words bougie to us represents girl who holds herself at the highest of standards no matter what (background, color, culture, finances, etc.) and knows her worth and will pay to maintain it-monetarily, emotionally, and spiritually. She is adventurous and thinks outside her local box and wants to expand her horizons on a global level. Thinking not only of herself, she also keeps her fellow sister in mind and strives to lift, elevate, and enlighten those around her and not bring one another down. She is smart, she is classy, and she is ambitious and will do anything to accomplish her goals. This is our typical Bougwa girl. Now we’ve found a couple quotes from our fellow bougie sisters that agree with our movement and we want to share a couple with you.



“Anything that is perceived as ‘upscale’ from a blue-collar point of view. ‘ Bougie’ (pronounced boo’-she) is a hacked truncation of the word Bourgeoisie, which refers to the middle-class in Europe, but refers to a more affluent [African American] class level in the United States” – Urban Dictionary


“An elite demographic defined by a need for luxury and material items. Bougie is true to that definition in a lot of ways. Black bougie folks often pride themselves on going to the best schools and only engaging in activities associated with affluence and elegance. In the most simplistic terms, bougie is the material opposite of ‘ghetto’”


“Boujee is about both affluence and attitude. Even their alternate spelling is a demand to define luxe on their own terms”


“Bourgeoisie is a classification used in analyzing human societies to describe a social class of people. Historically, the bourgeoisie comes from the middle classes whose status or power came from employment, education, and wealth. In urban pop culture, the word bourgeoisie is shortened to ‘bougie’”


If you like what you see so far and/or this describes you perfectly, come join our sisterhood and strut with us in our Boujwa movement!


Live the life you want,

Cedar and Jaz



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