Passport Goals!

You know you’re bougie when someone asks where you’ve traveled to and the places you list aren’t in America, hard to pronounce and barely recognizable on a map. That right there is passport goals. As bougie girls, traveling is like a must. We aren’t just local, we are a global commodity and you know we want to be out there with all the rest of our international bougie-boos slaying and exploring. When you live in a small town like we do, you get bored. Not that we don’t love Pittsburgh, but we’ve definitely done and seen almost everything you possibly can here and our adventurous spirits yearn for more. We jump at the opportunity to escape. We’ve both been all over the county, Jaz has ventured all through Europe and Mexico, and I have been all throughout the Caribbean. We are far from done though; we’ve got lots of places to see. Ultimately we want to go everywhere. There are so many cities we’re still dying to visit, malls we cannot wait to shop and restaurants we want to try, but you know baby steps. I know all my bougie girls out there have a few passport goals of some fun exotic places. Here are ours:


Dubai seems to be the new trendy luxurious city to visit in the UAE. We’re always seeing celebrities, our favorite YouTubers, and even a couple friends vacationing there. From what we’ve read and seen, Dubai has a ton of fun adventure to offer. They have the worlds largest mall,  dune buggy safaris in the desert, beaches and water parks, indoor skiing, falconry, and an awesome nightlife. Everything there is dripping in luxury and opulence from the hotels to the restaurants and the crazy beautiful Lamborghinis that everyone seems to be driving around in. It’s such a beautiful city, we need to get our coin up so we can go!


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is that city that should be on everyone’s bucket list. There is just so much to do and explore there. What we find most fascinating about this city is its ultramodern and high tech feel, its as if you’re stepping into the future when you go there. In the same breath its also very traditional with ancient Japanese shrines and palaces to visit. We want to see it all. We want to shop and explore the Harajuku District, walk the famous Shibuya Crossing, even go to a cat café lol. Let’s not forget about the food. We love Asian food, especially Japanese. Some authentic sushi and hibachi would be great. Lowkey dying to authentically say Konnichiwa.

cote d'azur

Cote D’Azur, France

The cities along the Cote D’Azur, or the French Riviera, are so beautiful and picturesque. We see why it inspired many artists’ (one being Picasso) pieces and collections . There we can go to the glamorous beaches in Saint-Tropez and Cannes, watch the Formula One Grand-Prix in Monaco, party during Carnival in Nice, and try out our hand out Black Jack at the Monte Carlo Casino. A Bientot!


Istanbul is where east meets west. It’s just one of those random cities we want to explore and learn more about.


Santorini, Greece

Just look how beautiful this place is… like we need pics for the gram lol.


Cairo, Egypt

Who doesn’t want to explore the ancient lands where great pharaohs and queens once ruled? We’re ready for selfies with Tut and Nefertiti. We can ride camels, explore all the Pyramids at Giza, and walk the City of the Dead.


One of our favorite YouTubers, Jamie and Nikki Vlogs, live in Melbourne, Australia and they’re always having fun adventures with their daughter all throughout the city. It looks like a great place to have a relaxing vacation. Exploring the streets and malls and restaurants.  While there we can’t forget to go to the outback and see some kangaroos and dingos.


Jerusalem, Israel

This trip would be more of a spiritual journey or pilgrimage. It would be cool to visit all the religious and holy cites. There’s the Western Wall where you can leave prayers, visit the river Jordan and Mt. Zion, and see all the ancient churches.

PhucketPhuket, Thailand

The movies The Beach and The Hangover Part 2 inspired this passport goal. Thailand is such a beautiful island, it literally looks like paradise. You can ride elephants, go to the sky lantern festival, and kayak around Ko Phi Phi Le. Vacations to Thailand are said to be very inexpensive so this may be closer than we think!


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    • tlobougwa says:

      Aww thanks. Yea we’re always thinking of new places we want to go. Trying to turn some of these into some short term goals lol. Glad you enjoyed the post 😊

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