What’s in My Bag: Purse Essentials

So I know last week we talked about places that we would love to travel too (Passport Goals), but you can’t go anywhere without making sure your purse is properly equipped for any form of traveling, whether you’re traveling out of the country or just hanging out with friends!

So we’ve created a list of items we feel every bougie babe should toss in their purse!


So first we’ll start with the basics:



Although having cute wallets are fun, it is also important that our “cute” wallets are functional. Also make sure that you actually have your wallet with you.





So of course we all have a keychain filled with reward tags to our favorite stores and gyms, so I won’t go into too much detail with this item. One import thing to mention, however, is having a very distinguishable keychain to help you quickly find your keys when carrying a large purse, because let’s admit, things tend to get lost in there.


I mean obviously you can’t leave the house without it so I don’t think this needs to be further explained.


If you have a cellphone then there is no reason you shouldn’t have these two with you as well.


Now what every bougie babe should have:

Pen & Paper:

You just never know when you might have to jot a cute guy’s number down. But on a serious note it’s great to have when you need to write down a quick note.

Makeup Bag:


We all know that days hardly ever go as planned, so keeping a small makeup bag to touch up your lip throughout the day or if you’re like us change your lip if unexpected plans come up. You also want to keep things such as lip balm, powder, perfume, etc.



Comb/Brush/Bobby Pins/Hair Ties:

It’s summertime and everyone is out enjoying the sun, but that does not stop the wind from blowing. A comb or brush is necessary to tame the flyaways and tangles. And if you are like us and like to wear weaves and extensions then a comb is your best friend! Bobby Pins and hair ties are just essential. I don’t think an explanation is needed lol.



Shades allow you to judge freely. Lol jk but they are an accessory that adds just enough sass to any outfit. They also act as masks when you’re just not feeling your face (because we all have those days), sometimes one of your lashes decides not to cooperate, or maybe you’re avoiding that guy from that tragic date you went on last week. Either way there are plenty of uses for keeping sunglasses with you!

Lotion/ Hand Sanitizer:


This is one of the most important things you can have in your bag! Everyone should have lotion and hand sanitizer. We don’t care what color you are or how you feel about it, EVERYONE NEEDS LOTION! And don’t take offense but yes white girls I’m talking to you, just because you have lighter skin does not mean you don’t get ashy. Lol. Not saying that white girls are the only ones because some of you black girls skip this too! There is nothing attractive or comfortable about dry skin whether you can see it or not. And no one likes germs so sanitizer is a must and comes in handy when you eat out.




Of course number one on our list is to always have a pack of gum. There is no if, ands or buts about it! It helps you focus and makes your breath smell good, which is definitely a necessity if you’re going to hit a bar, no one likes liquor breath. Other small candies like mints and mini chocolate bars are always nice. If you’re anything like us, however, it never hurts to just have an emergency bag of hot cheetos! Lol.

Survival Kit:

You can find these cute little purse emergency kits that will have you prepared for anything. The one that we use is called the Damsel in D-stress. This survival pack comes with a button compact mirror, toothbrush and toothpaste, 2 tissues, shower cap, a vanity kit packed with cotton swabs, cotton pads, and a nail file. It also equips you with a hairband, 2 hair clips, sewing kit, 2 bandages, double-side tape, tweezers, two earring back (yassss), cleansing wipes, deodorant wipes, makeup remover, and nail polish remover. We got all of that for just $14! I highly recommend that all my bougie boos invest in a kit!

Things you should have but (most people) normally don’t think about:


You’ll thank me when you have that stubborn piece of popcorn stuck in your teeth that’s been bothering you for three hours!


Keeping a fresh pair of panties in your purse will help you be prepared for the unknown. For example, you may end up sleeping over a friends house and you might want some fresh undies to change into the next day. Maybe Aunt Flow decided to come earlier than expected. Let’s keep it real, a fresh pair wouldn’t hurt when visiting Bae after a long day either 😉.



This will help you out for the day you forget to check the weather or unexpected storm comes your way. No one has time to be soggy.






These are all the goodies that we tow with us everyday to make our lives easier and then some. What do you guys keep in your purse? Comment below and let us know how your purse essential help you through your day.


Live the life you want,

Cedar and Jaz 💋


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