Bougie Block Party!

Hey Bougie-boos and Bougie-babes, we’re back and for this post we’re sharing our adventure at the Market Street Block Party.



Downtown in our city Pittsburgh’s Market Square, you’ll find the cool and trendy Market Street Grocery store tucked away on a side street. By day the store operates as a small grocery providing for those who live right in the city and want to grab some fresh produce and meats, local products, a quick homemade meal, or any typical grocery need. However, by night on the last Thursday of the month, the store expands onto Market Street with a DJ, food and cocktails, and a big balloon announcing the block party festivities. The fun continued on the inside with more food and drinks and, our favorite, the wine bar hidden in the back. It was such a great vibe and atmosphere, it didn’t feel like something from Pittsburgh but like cool party you’d stumble upon in New York City. We had so much fun, so let us tell you about our night


The party kicked off at 6:00pm and around 6:30pm we IMG_0043arrived and made our way to the Wine Bar in the back. Its very cute and hipster back there. It almost looks like a bar you’d find in a luxury home the way it’s furnished with books, little plants, knick-knacks and a projector that plays old black and whites on the wall (Home Goals). At the bar the first thing we order is their not-yet-famous Frozen Wine or what they’ve dubbed the Frosé. It is the process of putting Rosé or any kind of wine through a sorbet machine and turning it into the perfect cool down treat. I swear the need to patent it and sell it everywhere. It’s so yummy!



After those we order our usual glasses of Rosé and Le Cave Brut along with a beautiful platter of sliced meat, cheese, and bread. For the platter we picked IMG_0032goat cheese, spicy soppressata, and a French baguette. They added a spicy jalapeño marmalade, blueberry marmalade, olive oil and balsamic, olives, and some fresh berries for garnish. This was the perfect little snack to go with our wine. Nice and light!




Soon after we finished our wine and platter,  Jaz and I made our way outside where the party was growing with people. The DJ played some good songs so we danced a bit and mingled through the crowd. It was nice mix of people, most in their 20s and some a little older. Everything was going great, until the rain came lol. We all made our way inside and continued the party there. Even inside of the crowded store it was still pretty fun. It was weird to stop and think that we’re in a grocery store when it felt more like bar/club atmosphere. We definitely had a ball. We’re always looking for fun events like these to go to around the city and give our usual bars and clubs a break. If you live in the Pittsburgh area, we definitely recommend coming to one of the block parties. It’s the last Thursday of the month up until October. Even try coming down during the week for happy hour. Glasses of wine and Frosé start at just $5! The hosts of this block party also host rooftop parties once a month at our Hotel Monaco which are pretty dope too. Maybe we’ll write a post and share on that one too. We hope you enjoyed this post! Let us know in the comments if you’re city has events like these or what you like to do on a night out on the town.


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Live the life you want,

Cedar and Jaz


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    • tlobougwa says:

      Thank you for the nomination! Sorry that we’re just now getting back to you, we took a little break from blogging. We wrote a post about the nomination and mentioned you in. So thanks again!


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