We created this blog to welcome you into the bougie lifestyle. Now we don’t want you to confuse our way of life with that of the stereotypical or cookie-cutter bougie girl. We are here to redefine this term and bring it out of the shade and shine a positive light on it. We define that bougie is putting yourself at the highest standards and seeking the finer things in life no matter your background or circumstances. Being bougie is holding yourself at a higher standard because you want the best for yourself. It doesn’t start when you come into better life circumstances such as money, but it’s a lifestyle you’ve lived from the beginning no matter the circumstances. Bougwa is our fun little twist on the word bourgeois and our interpretation of being bougie girls.We will show how we ourselves maintain this Bougwa lifestyle. We hope that through this platform we encourage others to join us in the Bouge Movement.

Live the life you want,

Cedar and Jaz



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