Sweet Tooth Mecca: The Sugar Factory

Hey Bougie-Boos,   I know we have been a little MIA for a while but we're back, we promise. You guys are gonna love the things we've stumbled upon while we we're on our small hiatus. One of which I (Cedar) stumbled upon in Chicago and revisited in Las Vegas is the Sugar Factory. You guys probably have … Continue reading Sweet Tooth Mecca: The Sugar Factory


Bougie Block Party!

Hey Bougie-boos and Bougie-babes, we're back and for this post we're sharing our adventure at the Market Street Block Party.   Downtown in our city Pittsburgh's Market Square, you'll find the cool and trendy Market Street Grocery store tucked away on a side street. By day the store operates as a small grocery providing for those who live right … Continue reading Bougie Block Party!